• What do you prefer to listen to? Serious classical music, expertly performed – or something more random? or. mix of both? “Improv Tour” is a concept that I have been working on for the past three years, increasing the amount of improvisation in the baroque music that I typically play. The last two songs you […]
  • Sometimes at times like these, it is important to reach out, keep well, keep safe.  I just thought, while April studios is closed for a few weeks, it would be nice to create something different, easy to listen to, thought provoking. I didn’t use a metronome, I just played how it feels. Think of it […]

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Richard is a Music Graduate of London University, focusing on Mozart Opera, with celebrated musical historian Corky McGuinness.

At the age of 10 years old, Richard won a scholarship to the prestigious Royal College of Music, London, majoring in Singing, Piano, and Organ, under Elizabeth Parker, before focussing on structure and musicology.

Richard is a keen student of jazz techniques within the music of J.S. Bach, an early devotee of the Swingle Singers and Loussier and Dudley Moore – but more recently has begun to explore more melodic and impressionist styles, looking at pure improvisation on piano as a solo artist. Whilst remaining technically challenging, his music is now more original and focussing on softer development, particularly the “Songs For You” range of material.

Richard’s amazing melodic grasp is as much about mood and subtlety, that can drift in an out, where “less” can mean “more” - but is always intellectually stimulating under the melodies that drive the music.

Song for You

Let me create and record a unique song for you, or your loved one.


“It’s Bach - but not as we know it. I love it!”

—Nick Morley, UK


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May 7, 2017 6 Vaestra Storgatan, 291 32, Kristianstad Kristianstad, Skane, Sweden. Tickets
May 6, 2018 Kristianstad Church, a selection of Jazz Bach from Books 1 & 2 of 48 Preludes and Fugues Kristianstad, Skane, Sweden, 5pm. Tickets
Jun 22, 2018 Hope Baptist Church, Peverell, Plymouth, UK. Plymouth, Devon. Tickets