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Sketch of our Time
Sketch of our Time

Sometimes at times like these, it is important to reach out, keep well, keep safe.  I just thought, while April studios is closed for a few weeks, it would be nice to create something different, easy to listen to, thought provoking. I didn’t use a metronome, I just played how it feels. Think of it […]

Sonata gets played on BBC Radio Devon

One of my standout recordings from April Studios – the Sonata recording – was played by Sarah Gosling on BBC just a couple of evenings ago; here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07frg48 . You got to travel some 1hr 35 mins in – but well worth it, and Sarah said some lovely things. Thankyou!    

Concert for Plymouth!
Concert for Plymouth!

I discuss the background for my upcoming Concert for the Plymouth Liberal Democrats on June 22nd at Hope Baptist Church in the evening. Its not often – that I get such a super intro;  and it has taken time to put together!  Our original concept was a soft or “Ronnie Scotts” style of evening – […]

Background to Sonata
Background to Sonata

“Sonata” was always conceived as a three-movement piece, in the classic way – but somehow got railroaded into being stand-alone. There just seems to be so much more to say in this one movement, and being able to link several melodies and ideas, all in the one piece, seems to work great.  But it did […]

Christmas Music for You

Here is an advance copy of my new Christmas music, taken from a super Carol that I really love but not often gets played. This is a gentle adaptation. It is ready to download, FREE, for you this Christmas.  Just go to the Music Library, and click to download!  Welcome.

Corporate Music Logos.

We have a selection of NEW Corporate music logos for you to listen to. They are  simple but effective – just long enough to get attention, but subtle enough not to intrude. Welcome to Music Logos!    

Concerts with Rachel Taverner

After a chance meeting at Stockport Station, on the Virgin train out of Manchester, Rachel is a brilliant romantic and impressionist pianist.  Have a look at www.racheltaverner.co.uk. A great complement to my own jazz based J S Bach.  There is a real possibility of offering joint performance, thru to community music programmes.

New Songs…

I am creating Two new songs, – one for my good friend Galyna in Vinnitsa – she has been very patient!  And Edith in Brussels has asked for a Song.  Both are very different, so the question is – what will work best for them. I will let you know when they are published! Throughout […]